Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst 1981 - Includes Hardshell Case #606 - #82651583

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Ah the original Les Paul Custom Silverburst guitars.  They have plenty of lore and interesting details.  This offering is an all-original 1981 with the exception of a great refret.  There is a bit of wear on the neck, but that is not uncommon and shows the beautiful 3-piece stress maple neck.  These guitars were rumored to be made for the silver (25th) anniversary of the Les Paul (originally released in 1952).  Being as the prototype was developed in 1977, this may hold some weight but has not been verified with any certainty.  The general consensus is that around 75 Les paul Custom Silverburst guitars were produced in the original run.  That makes this an exceptionally rare instrument to find in decent shape.  Unlike more recent reproductions, the originals had maple necks and used aluminum to produce the metal flake as opposed to polyester used now.  There are many stories about these guitars, but needless to say, they are a huge part of the culture of Gibson guitars largely owed to the band Tool's Adam Jones and his particular love for these early relics.  

** This is a used guitar and therefore may have cosmetic imperfections and blemishes such as swirls not visible in photos. If you are concerned about cosmetic issues please call our shop or come by during normal business hours and we will further describe the guitar.

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