1989 Les Paul Glitter Girls - One Off Art Guitar

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Once and a lifetime opportunity to own a one of a kind original Gibson pre-custom shop one off guitar. Guitar comes with original sketches by it's creator Greg Rich. This unique guitar was commissioned by world known Japanese collector and author Akira Tsumura in 1988 and completed in 1989. It's rare, unique, and 100% Gibson. 

From George Gruhn May 5th 1999 Appraisal :
This particular instrument was built for the Japanese collector Akira Tsumura. The instrument was named "The Glitter Girls". This guitar is featured in Tsumura's book entitled "1001 Banjos". According to the original owner it has no serial number. There is some discoloration on the back of the neck from having been in contact with a guitar stand for approximately 10 years. This instrument features a glitter plastic back with painted females and fancy tree-of-life fingerboard and peghead inlay, and elaborate carving and panting of the top of the instrument. This guitar features multiple bindings around the edges of the body similar to that used on the Les Paul Custom model. The guitar is setup with three gold plated humbucking pickups and a badass bridge.

** This is a used guitar and therefore may have cosmetic imperfections and blemishes such as swirls, dings, scratches, etc. not visible in photos. If you are concerned about cosmetic issues please call our shop or come by during normal business hours and we will further describe the guitar.

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