Acorn Gainesville 50W Head

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For our Gainesville 50, we took our signature 30W circuit and modified the power section to provide that extra push louder players crave. We added a 3-way “headroom” switch that incrementally cleans up the maximum gain with no reduction in wattage. Our carefully tuned tone stack is responsive and mutually interactive without being too finicky. Dime everything and roll back the bass control for more mid-forward classic rock humbucker-y snarl, or dial the mids back for slushy, saturated cleans with single coils. We designed this circuit with the pedal enthusiast in mind - it can take anything you throw at it and your tone keeps singing. Again, our philosophy of “the simplest solution is often the best” is employed in all aspects to help you spend less time fidgeting and more time playing. Loudly. All of our amps are hand built from start to finish in East Atlanta, Georgia using the highest quality components. Our extensive experience in repairs, live sound, and touring is applied in every aspect to build a product that lasts and can years on the road in stride.

Features include:

  • Hand wired on turret board using carefully measured carbon composition resistors, CTS potentiometers, and high quality F&T filter capacitors to ensure the fullest-sounding signal path.

  • 50 tube watts from a pair of fixed-biased EL34 power tubes in class AB operation, driven by two 12AX7 preamp tubes.

  • Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, and Post-Phase Inverter Master Volume controls with big, solid-feeling action and easily readable labeling.

  • 50 Watt Classic Tone transformers with selectable output impedance. Optional Mercury Magnetics transformers available as an upgrade package.

  • 3-way “Headroom” switch varies the load resistance to the phase inverter stage to change the maximum power amp saturation point.

  • Classy, elegant, and simple aesthetics whether in our ¾” voidless birch enclosures with tolex, or our gorgeous natural wood finish boxes hand made from selected hardwoods locally sourced and built in East Atlanta Village.