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Limited vinyl LP repressing. On this 1960 album, Pepper's impassioned alto sax is appropriately applied to the compositions of six saxophonists, among them Benny Carter, Ornette Coleman, and Pepper himself. Includes trumpeter Jack Sheldon in a rare performance. The album also includes musical assistance from Pete Jolly, Jimmy Bond and Frank Butler. "Knowing the relationships of chords to one another, how they fit into sequences and how you build on them, all reminds you that there's an important relationship between mathematics and music. The way a man walks, the way he talks, the timbre of his voice, the cadences of his speech, his little variations in phrasing a thought - all have so much to do with individuality. The same thing is true of a man's playing in jazz... his tone, the way his sound moves, his feeling for time. That's why jazz is consistently fascinating. You could ask six guys to play an identical solo, but when you heard the results, you'd hear six different solos." - Art Pepper.

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