Bad Cat Cub II 15W 2x10 T Custom Shop Guitar Combo Amp Green/Cream

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A big cat in a small box, the Cub II 15-watt 1x12 combo amp features precision tonal tweaking, from a pristine clean to warm and dirty output capability. The compact Cub II is easy to transport and built like a tank. Only once you've put the Bad Cat Cub through its paces will you truly realize its tonal versatility. This amp is bound to be one of your most loyal performance tools.

The Cub II's control knobs include Volume, interactive Bass and Treble, Cut, Reverb, and Master Volume. The Cub's dual EL84 power section with the 12AX7 preamp section boasts an uncommon array of tonal shapes.


Amp Controls:

  • Volume
  • Interactive Bass and Treble
  • Cut
  • Master Volume
  • Dual EL84 power section
  • 12AX7 preamp section
  • Dimension: 24" W x 18-1/2" H x 10-3/4" D
  • Weight: 55 lb.