Blackberry Smoke - Leave A Scar Live LP (Gold/Purple Marble Vinyl) NEW

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Recorded live in North Carolina.
3 LP Limited Edition.
Exclusive signed photosleeve of the band is put inside.

Track Listing:

A1 Shakin' Hands With The Holy Ghost
A2 Sanctified Woman
A3 Testify
A4 Good One Comin' On
B1 Six Ways To Sunday
B2 Ain't Got The Blues
B3 Lucky Seven
B4 Pretty Little Lie
C1 Restless
C2 Up In Smoke
C3 Crimson Moon
C4 The Whippoorwill
D1 Son Of The Bourbon
D2 Everybode Knows She's Mine
D3 One Horse Town
D4 Lesson In A Bottle
E1 Ain't Much Left Of Me
E2 Leave A Scar
E3 Sleeping Dogs
F1 Payback's Bitch
F2 Up The Road
F3 Shake Your Magnolia