Blackberry Smoke - Homecoming LP NEW

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Triple Live Album. Each record in a different color: translucent red, yellow and green vinyl.
Recorded Live November 23rd, 2018
3 LP VINYL: Includes Signed 12x12 Poster

Track Listing:

A1 Nobody Gives A Damn 3:22
A2 Waiting For The Thunder 4:18
A3 Pretty Little Lie 3:42
A4 Let It Burn 4:09
A5 Best Seat In The House 4:34
B1 Medicate My Mind 5:45
B2 Sleeping Dogs 13:55
C1 Run Away From It All 5:34
C2 Running Through Time 6:37
C3 Lord Strike Me Dead 4:46
D1 Mother Mountain 4:16
D2 Ain't Got The Blues 4:50
D3 Free On The Wing 7:42
E1 One Horse Town 4:57
E2 I'll Keep On Ramblin 8:14
E3 Flesh And Bone 6:18
F1 Not Fade Away 8:27
F2 Ain't Much Left Of Me 10:34