LP - Alan Silvestri - Back To The Future Soundtrack- Mondo Pressing-Blue Splatter-Rare

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Mondo's re-release on clear with electric blue splatter colored vinyl. VPI Cleaned.

Label: Mondo

Cat#: ARR38060

Media: NM

Sleeve: NM


Track Listing:

A1 Back To Back/Court House 1:24
A2 Main Title 2:43
A3 Into The Mine/Tombstone 3:17
A4 Warmed Up 1:30
A5 Indians (Film Version) 1:09
A6 Safe And Sound 0:42
A7 Hill Valley 2:18
A8 The Hanging 1:42
A9 We're Out Of Gas 1:17
B10 There Is No Bridge/Doc To The Rescue 1:25
B11 At First Sight 3:19
B12 Yellow 0:45
B13 The Kiss 1:55
B14 You Talkin' To Me? 0:35
B15 The Future Isn't Written 3:37
B16 Goodbye Clara 3:03
B17 What's Up Doc/Marty Gallops/To The Future 1:44
C18 Wake Up Juice 1:12
C19 Callin' You Out/Count Off 1:56
C20 The Showdown/The Kick 2:12
C21 A Science Experiment (The Train - Part I) 3:12
C22 It's Clara (The Train - Part II) 4:36
C23 Point Of No Return (The Train - Part III) 3:49
D24 It's Destroyed/Back To The Girlfriend/It Erased 3:39
D25 Doc Returns 2:55
D26 End Credits 4:08
D27 Doubleback (Extended Version) 3:11