Iggy Azalea - The End of an Era (Deluxe) (Red Blue Purple Vinyl) [Explicit Content] LP *NEW*

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Double red, purple, and blue colored vinyl LP pressing. Includes poster. After a meteoric rise over the past decade, acclaimed Australian rapper Iggy Azalea drops the third and (possibly) final album, The End of an Era. Signifying a time to potentially take a step back from music, Iggy surely doesn't go out without a bang. With standout hits such as "Brazil," "Iam The Stripclub," & "Sex on the Beach (feat. Sophia Scott)," the album is filled with bangers returning to the sound of her mixtape roots. Features include BIA, Sophia Scott & Ellise. This deluxe version has a different cover from the regular version & includes 3 bonus tracks, "N.Y.E. (feat. Alice Chater)," "Sip It (feat. Tyga)," & "Posh Spice." 17 tracks total.

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