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The British hard rock band Black Sabbath was active from 1968 to 2017. During this time they released 19 studio albums.

Black Sabbath is the first studio album, features the female model Louisa Livingstone. The album was recorded in one 8 hour session in October 1969 at Regent Sound Studios. The original European version of the record featured the pre-album single "Evil Woman" as the first track on the B-side while the North American version featured the song "Wicked World" (the B-side to the "Evil Woman" single) as the lead track on the second side of the record. Some current CD versions of the album now feature both tracks.

The North American version also features more song titles than actual songs. These extra titles are often believed to refer to the intros of certain songs:
"Wasp" is believed to refer to the intro of "Behind The Wall Of Sleep"
"Bassically" refers to the bass solo that opens "N.I.B.".
"A Bit Of Finger" is believed to refer to the acoustic intro of "Sleeping Village".
North American versions also usually group "Wasp", "Behind The Wall Of Sleep", "Bassically", and "N.I.B." on one track and "A Bit Of Finger", "Sleeping Village" and "Warning" on another single track, while European versions separate all the tracks.

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Track List-

  •  Black Sabbath
  • 2 The Wizard
  • 3 Behind the Wall of Sleep
  • 4 N.I.B
  • 5 Evil Woman, Don't Play Your Games with Me
  • 6 Sleeping Village
  • 7 Warning