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Border Lord was released in February 1972 but failed to achieve the success its predecessors had. At the time of its release, Ben Gerson of Rolling Stone was unkind, charging that Kristofferson was “a fast-livin’, hard lovin’ dude who has just enough time between ballin’ and brawlin’ to jot down a tune or two. He’s a cracker-barrel philosopher…Kris’ celebrations of machismo are his most patently stupid observations.” Biographer Stephen Miller opines “While Kris produced some of his affecting poetry with characteristic cleverness, the melodies were unremarkable and with his limited vocal range, a number of the songs suffered from a dirgeful quality.”[3] AllMusic lamented the rushed gestation of the songs, remarking “No doubt Kristofferson and Monument would have been better advised to have waited until he had a collection of songs to match his early hits; instead, he quickly began work on yet another album, Jesus Was a Capricorn, which was out before the end of the year.” Writer Michael Streissguth praises the album, maintaining it offered lyrical themes that remained “strongly individualistic and never failed to challenge Nashville’s sensibilities.”[5] In a 2016 Rolling Stone interview with Neil Strauss, Kristofferson said he was pleasantly surprised with the box set of his work The Complete Monument & Columbia Album Collection, particularly Border Lord, admitting, "I can remember at the time being so disappointed at the reception it got."

Media Condition- (VG) Looks great, two very light scratches. Does not affect playback. 

Sleeve Condition- (VG) Still has original shrink. Residue from sticker. 



Written-By  K. Kristofferson*

3:12A2Burden Of Freedom

Written-By  K. Kristofferson*

3:18A3Stagger Mountain Tragedy

Written-By  K. Kristofferson*

2:55A4Border Lord

Written-By  D. Fritts*, K. Kristofferson*, S. Bruton*, T. Paul*

3:36A5Somebody Nobody Knows

Written-By  K. Kristofferson*

3:36B1Little Girl Lost

Written-By  Kris Kristofferson

3:10B2Smokey Put The Sweat On Me

Written-By  K. Kristofferson*

3:08B3When She's Wrong

Written-By  K. Kristofferson*

4:45B4Gettin' By, High And Strange

Written-By  K. Kristofferson*

2:33B5Kiss The World Goodbye

Written-By  K. Kristofferson*