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Who Is Lydia Loveless? is a 2016 documentary film by Gorman Bechard that chronicles the making of musician Lydia Loveless's 2016 album Real, as well as following her on the road and looking into what life is like for a band in the music industry. "I also wanted to look at stuff we normally don't see a lot of. What are the finances for a band like this? Where does the money go? Who gets the money? Is Spotify good? Is Spotify bad? How does piracy affect you? What about the fans? I really wanted to go into all of that for a band that can sell out 200- or 250-seat venues and bars but is still traveling in an old Ford van. A good night is when they have a couple of hotel rooms. No one is rolling in the dough, so to speak. So what is it at that point when you have amazing critical success and acclaim but you’re not there yet?"[1] In October 2015, Bechard and his crew filmed a live Lydia Loveless concert at Skully's in her hometown of Columbus for the documentary.[2]

Two trailers exist for the film. One features Loveless and her band,[3] while the other features random people trying to answer the question posed in the film's title.[4]

Track Listing:

A1 Out On Love
A2 More Like Them
A3 Desire
B1 Really Wanna See You Again
B2 Heaven
B3 Boy Crazy