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Matisiyahu - Matisiyahu LP NEW

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Like only the most gifted storytellers, Matisyahu spins the rare kind of stories that simultaneously enlighten and enthrall and expand the audience's sense of possibility. On his eponymous new album, the Grammy Award-nominated singer/songwriter/rapper shares his most autobiographical work to date, merging that personal revelation with a shapeshifting collision of reggae and hip-hop and boldly inventive pop. Produced by Salt Cathedral (a Brooklyn-based duo comprised of Colombian musicians Juliana Ronderos and Nicolas Losada), the result is an undeniably transformative album, one that invites both intense introspection and unbridled celebration. On the album's dancehall-infused lead single "Chameleon," Matisyahu presents a potent piece of self-reflection spiked with equal parts idiosyncratic wordplay and warmly expressed wisdom. 

Track Listing:
  • 1 Not Regular
  • 2 Am_Rica
  • 3 Chameleon (Feat. Salt Cathedral)
  • 4 Keep Coming Back for More (Feat. Salt Cathedral)
  • -Side Two-
  • 5 Mama Please Don't Worry
  • 6 In My Mind
  • 7 Music Is the Anthem
  • 8 Got to See It All
  • -Side 3-
  • 9 Lonely Day
  • 10 Tugboat
  • 11 Flip It Fantastic
  • 12 When the Smoke Clears
  • 13 Raindance
  • -Side 4-
  • Etching