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Selected Ambient Works 85–92 is the debut studio album by Aphex Twin, the pseudonym of British electronic musician Richard D. James. It was released on 9 November 1992 through Apollo Records, a subsidiary of Belgian label R&S Records.[1][2] The album consists of ambient techno tracks recorded onto cassette reputedly dating as far back as 1985, when James was thirteen to fourteen years old.[8] Upon release it received widespread acclaim. It entered the UK Dance Albums Chart at No. 6 on 26 December 1992.[9]

In 2012, Selected Ambient Works 85–92 was named the greatest album of the 1990s by Fact.[10] It re-entered the dance chart just after the release of Aphex Twin's 2014 album Syro.[11] James followed up the album in 1994 with the more traditionally ambient Selected Ambient Works Volume II.

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