Red Hot Chili Peppers - Sweet Home San Diego LP NEW

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From a live FM broadcast recorded at the San Diego Sports Arena, CA, 16th April 1996.

The tracks are censored on the release at some points by completely cutting the audio, making it sound like it's skipping, and at other points using a loud buzzing sound.

Track Listing:

A1 Give it Away
A2 Suck My Kiss
A3 Warped
A4 Walkabout
B1 Backwoods
B2 My Friends
B3 Higher Ground
B4 Blood Sugar Sex Magik
C1 Pea
C2 Coffee Shop
C3 Aereoplane
C4 One Big Mob
D1 Under The Bridge
D2 Me and My Friends
D3 Sweet Home Alabama
D4 Deep Kick
D5 Nevermind