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Very good copy of Bachman-Turner Overdrive's album, Bachman-Turner Overdrive II.  Slight wear on the cover.  Tested, washed, and played.  

Bachman–Turner Overdrive II is the second album by Canadian rock band Bachman–Turner Overdrive, released in 1973. The album reached #4 in the US and #6 in Canada.

Bachman–Turner Overdrive II includes BTO's first Top 40 single, "Let It Ride", which peaked at #23 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The album's second and bigger hit single is "Takin' Care of Business". Though it never cracked the Top 10 on the US singles charts (reaching #12 in 1974), it became one of the band's most enduring anthems and stayed on the Billboard chart for 20 weeks.[3] Both singles reached #3 on the Canadian RPM chart.

Track Listing:

A1 Blown 4:17
A2 Welcome Home 5:32
A3 Stonegates 3:50
A4 Let It Ride 4:21
B1 Give It Time 5:44
B2 Tramp 4:03
B3 I Don't Have To Hide 4:24
B4 Takin' Care Of Business 4:51