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Very good copy of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page's album, Guitar Boogie.  Slight wear on the cover.  Tested, washed, and played. 

Guitar Boogie is a blues rock compilation album featuring Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page together with the Allstars and members of The Rolling Stones.

The album was released in the US in 1971 by RCA Records; in the mid 1970s, Pickwick Records leased the rights to reissue several recordings in the RCA catalog and Guitar Boogie was briefly re-issued on the Pickwick label in 1977; RCA soon reclaimed the rights to its Pickwick-leased recordings and reissued the album in 1980. The album was compiled by Richard Robinson and originally included a piece by rock critic Richard Meltzer on the back cover. The tracks were collected from Immediate Records' 1968 series of compilation albums Blues Anytime, which were released in the US as An Anthology of British Blues and later under the title British Archives Series: Blues for Collectors.

Track Listing 

A1 Eric Clapton With Jimmy Page Choker 1:21
A2 Eric Clapton Snake Drive 2:30
A3 Eric Clapton With Jimmy Page Draggin' My Tail 3:56
A4 The Allstars* Featuring Jeff Beck Steelin' 2:33
A5 Eric Clapton With Jimmy Page Freight Loader 2:43
B1 Eric Clapton West Coast Idea 2:15
B2 The Allstars* Featuring Jimmy Page L.A. Breakdown 2:02
B3 The Allstars* Featuring Jimmy Page Down In The Boots 3:22
B4 The Allstars* Featuring Jeff Beck Chuckles 2:20
B5 Eric Clapton Tribute To Elmore 2:05