Used Vinyl-Hall And Oates-Beauty On A Back Street-LP

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Very good copy of Daryl Hall And John Oates' album, Beauty On A Back Street.  Slight wear on the cover.  Tested, washed, and played. 

Beauty on a Back Street is the sixth studio album by American pop music duo Hall & Oates. The album was released in September 1977, by RCA Records.

Track Listing

Don't Change 3:30
Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart? 3:13
You Must Be Good For Something 3:28
The Emptyness 3:32
Love Hurts (Love Heals) 3:08
Bigger Than Both Of Us 4:30
Bad Habits And Infections 6:00
Winged Bull 4:37
The Girl Who Used To Be 4:10