Used Vinyl-John Barry-King Kong (Original Sound Track)-LP

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Very good copy of John Barry's album, King Kong (Original Sound Track).  Slight wear on the cover.  Tested, washed, and played. 

6.9Track Listing:

A1 The Opening 2:13
A2 Maybe My Luck Has Changed 1:48
A3 Arrival On The Island 2:33
A4 Sacrifice - Hail To The King 7:04
A5 Arthusa 2:18
A6 Full Moon Domain - Beauty Is A Beast 4:21
A7 Breakout To Captivity 4:07
B1 Incomprehensible Captivity 2:52
B2 Kong Hits The Big Apple 2:32
B3 Blackout In New York / How About Buying Me A Drink 3:20
B4 Climb To Skull Island 2:17
B5 The End Is At Hand 1:41
B6 The End 4:22