Used Vinyl-Marty Robbins-Hawaii's Calling Me-LP

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Very good copy of Marty Robbins' album, Hawaii's Calling Me.  Slight wear on the cover.  Tested, washed, and played.

Track Listing:


A1 Lovely Hula Hands 2:28
A2 The Sea And Me 3:04
A3 Ka-Lu-A 2:21
A4 The Night I Came Ashore 3:03
A5 Echo Island 2:30
A6 Kuu Ipo Lani (My Sweetheart, Lani) 3:08
A7 Beyond The Reef 3:05
B1 The Hawaiian Wedding Song 2:14
B2 Drowsy Waters (Wailana) 2:08
B3 Hawaiian Bells 3:30
B4 My Wonderful One 2:48
B5 Blue Sand 2:55
B6 Hawaii's Calling Me 3:03
B7 The Hawaiian Wedding Song 2:47