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Very good copy of Willie Nelson & Kris Kristofferson's album, Music From Songwriter.  Slight wear on the cover.  Tested, washed, and played. 

Music from Songwriter is a soundtrack album by Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson, released on Columbia Records in 1984 (see 1984 in music). It is the soundtrack to Songwriter, a film starring the two performers. Two of the songs on the record are duets, five are sung by Nelson and four by Kristofferson. "How Do You Feel About Foolin' Around" was released as a single and reached the country charts, and the album itself was nominated for an Academy Award, losing to Purple Rain. The album has been released on CD on 10 January 2011 on Wounded Bird Records.

Track Listing:

Doc's Side (Willie)
A1 Willie Nelson & Kris Kristofferson How Do You Feel About Foolin' Around 2:43
A2 Willie Nelson Songwriter 3:04
A3 Willie Nelson Who'll Buy My Memories 3:31
A4 Willie Nelson Write Your Own Songs 3:16
A5 Willie Nelson Nobody Said It Was Going To Be Easy 2:28
A6 Willie Nelson Good Times 3:37
Blackie's Side (Kris)
B1 Kris Kristofferson & Willie Nelson Eye Of The Storm 3:13
B2 Kris Kristofferson Crossing The Border 5:11
B3 Kris Kristofferson Down To Her Socks 2:51
B4 Kris Kristofferson Under The Gun 3:33
B5 Kris Kristofferson The Final Attraction 6:18