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This NY four-piece draw on their diverse backgrounds and interests, experimenting with African guitar music, the Western classical canon, hazy memories of Cape Cod summers, winters in upper Manhattan, and reggaeton. "Equal parts shruggy New York indie strumming and groovy Afro-pop, Vampire Weekend's organ-and-drum runs highlight narratives about relationships, punctuation, and sometimes both" - Spin. Named "Hot New Kids" in Rolling Stone's "Hot" issue. Vinyl contains MP3 coupon.

 Track Listing:

Mansard Roof 2:07
Oxford Comma 3:15
A-Punk 2:17
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa 3:33
M79 4:14
Campus 2:55
Bryn 2:12
One (Blake's Got A New Face) 3:11
I Stand Corrected 2:38
Walcott 3:39
The Kids Don't Stand A Chance 4:03