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Vapors of Morphine is an American rock band founded in 2009 by the remaining members of the alternative rock band Morphine, saxophonist Dana Colley and drummer Jerome Deupree, along with blues guitarist Jeremy Lyons. Jerome stepped down in early 2019; Tom Arey (Peter Wolf, Ghosts of Jupiter) has taken his place.

 Track Listing:

Position Title/Credits Duration
Blue Dream 5:58
Golden Hour 6:07
Irene 3:40
No Sleep 5:05
Special Rider Blues 4:47
Lasidan 3:09
Dropout Mambo 3:51
Doreen 4:51
Ostrich 3:49
Baba Drame 4:09
Phantasos & Phobetor 3:20
Frankie & Johnny 1:36