Wedgie - Bass Pick Holder, 1 piece

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  • The Wedgie Bass Pick Holder is extra wide and extra sturdy to hold your picks handy above your bass guitar's nut. If you ever play bass with a pick, then the Wedgie Bass Pick Holder is for you.
  • Just twist it on to your strings just above the nut and never lose a bass pick again—holds up to 6 picks.
  • Offers you the same benefits as the standard Wedgie Pick Holder, but the bass version has a wider and beefier mount to latch on to your bass strings.
  • For 6 or 8-string basses, use the standard Wedgie Pick Holder.
  • Wedgies will not affect tone or tuning in any way and they fit all types of guitars and picks.
  • Created out of necessity for pick storage and accessibility, these are a must-have for any musician!
  •  Additional wedgies can be added for even more storage capabilities