12" Single-Mighty Clouds of Joy-In These Trying Times

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The Mighty Clouds of Joy was formed in 1959 in Los Angeles, CA as a traditional-based style group. It wasn't until 1961 as the group became famous, they added bass, drums, and keyboards to the standard guitar backup and developed a funky sound that split the difference between gospel, and rhythm and blues. In a break with tradition, the groups sound incorporated Soul, R&B, and Rock; all of which flourishes into their musical mix (one of their early hits was produced by Gamble and Huff) without diluting the essential religious essence of their material. Unlike other gospel groups, its members dressed stylishly — they used the same tailor as the Temptations — and worked slick choreography into their act. Thus not realizing they were setting a standard and paving a way for future gospel soul groups for decades to come. They became one of the most influential gospel groups in the US. The long-lived group flourished throughout the rest of the 20th century, scoring numerous Grammy Awards and nominations, as well as several hit albums along the way.

Condition-(NM) Still sealed. One corner has a little wear. 

Track List-

Position Title/Credits Duration
A In These Changing Times 9:20
B In These Changing Times 3:46