*NEW SEALED LP-Hall of Fame 2020- Umphrey's McGee

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As 2020 was a year unlike any other, so is the Hall of Fame: Class of 2020. The votes have been counted, hanging chads were reviewed, and we have a winner.

Despite only 28 live shows in 2020, there was no shortage of fan – and band – favorites to choose from. This year’s release includes two tracks featuring our pal Billy Strings on guitar as well as the debut appearance of your honking car horns. (A sentence we never thought we’d type.) Two versions of “Der Bluten Kat” were in the running so we created a hybrid version maximizing the improvisation. Twenty-twenty also saw four audienceless, in-studio webcasts that were not included in the voting. But we, as a band, enjoyed the “Front Porch” from Wrapped Around Chicago so much that we are releasing it for the very first time as part of this year’s Class.

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Track List-

1 Front Porch / Chicago, Illinois / 09.03.20
2 Front Porch (cont.), Great American / Asheville, North Carolina / 02.14.20
3 Utopian Fir / Pelham, Tennessee / 02.13.20
4 Utopian Fir (cont.), Sociable Jimmy / Detroit, Michigan / 02.01.20